Wedding rings

Welcome tour selection of wedding rings on offer.
All our wedding rings are manufactured in our jewellery studio by our in house goldsmith team.

We also manufacture wedding rings to order, in any style and for every finger size.
If you need a special wedding ring design we will be happy to manufacture your dream wedding ring. Rose gold wedding rings and white gold wedding rings are very popular and have gained a strong following. Diamond wedding rings are another favorite. We manufacture the very best quality diamond wedding rings in the precious metal of your choice. We recommend platinum wedding rings for their superior wear resistance.

Our gold wedding bands are available in Yellow gold, rose gold and white gold in your choice of 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold.
We also manufacture Mokume Ganne wedding bands. The Japanese word Mokume Gane roughly translates as "wood grain". This describes the patterns seen in in the metal when different metal alloys are fused together to form a billet of layered metal that is then patterned by swaging, cutting and/or twisting the metal billet.