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Diamond engagement rings
Diamond rings

Making bespoke jewelry
is not just a job.
It's our passion!

Engagement rings, Wedding rings

Welcome to Metal Artist Studio!

Jewelry making is not just our job, it's our passion.
We understand that quality matters to our customers and as a jewelry maker we go the extra mile to ensure the quality of our work.

Our team of expert goldsmiths take on each project with care and precision, carefully inspecting each stage of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality standards of the jewellery we produce.
We welcome you to make an appointment with one of our designers to design your very special engagement ring or that special dress ring or pendant you have been dreaming of.
Or visit our online jewelry store to view some of our designer engagement rings, wedding rings, diamond earrings, signet rings and other jewelry pieces we have on offer.


Our manufacturing process

We first determine the type of jewellery our customer requires. Once the design parameters have been established we proceed to draw a pencil sketch as a visual representation of the proposed jewelry piece.
Once we get confirmation that our customer is happy with the design we do a production cost estimation with the materials of the customers choosing.

If the cost estimate is approved and required deposit received we start the manufacturing process.

We use two types of processes: 
1) Traditional hand manufacture by experienced goldsmiths 
2) Modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) combined with 3D model printing and metal casting.

The process we use is determined by both budget and to produce the best quality jewellery piece possible.
We like to make our customers part of the manufacturing process by sending regular progress pictures on whatsapp.  
After completing the metal work the piece is inspected to ensure it meets quality standards.

Then it moves to our setter, where the diamonds and gems are set in the metal before the final finishing and polishing is done.
The piece is then inspected one last time under magnification to ensure it meets quality standards before going to the customer.

All work is done inhouse, your jewellery never leaves our studio!

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