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Morganite gems on offer

Our selection of  quality cut Morganite gems available in various shapes and sizes.

We source our fine Morganite from responsible sources only!

All our gems are graded for quality cutting, good symmetry and brilliance.
Colors range in shades of pink, Peach pink and peach in all shapes.
Notable sources of  gem quality Morganite include Nigeria, Madagascar and Brazil.

View our custom jeweller selection of quality Morganite gems.


Pink to peach Beryl's are known as Morganite. The pinkish hue can include orange undertones as well as salmon undertones. Morganite, a stone with a strong romantic aura, was discovered in Madagascar in 1911 and was renamed by the eminent gemmologist, George Frederick Kunz, in honor of his sponsor, the New York banker and philanthropist, John Pierpont Morgan. 

Morganite, the sister gem of Aquamarine and Emerald, is a translucent to transparent Beryl, colored by tiny quantities of manganese, resulting in its lovely hues of rose, magnolia, and peach. Morganite is typically eye-clean, clean stones are less common. Important localities are Afghanistan, Brazil, Nigeria and Madagascar. Unfortunately, Morganite's appeal is limited only by its rarity.

The Morganite stone is often larger in size with good transparency, much like aquamarine. It may also be heated to reduce yellowish undertones to obtain a stone with better pink coloration. Morganite is said to promote fairness towards others. This stone is extremely beneficial to persons dealing with emotional troubles. Its calming influence benefits in the relief of stress and anxiety. This lovely pink stone is said to improve communication by increasing your potential to empathize.

Famous uses of this stone includes Kate Middleton who wears it with Gucci and Blake Lively whose engagement ring contains one of these stunning stones.

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