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Zircon and pink sapphire ring

Quality Jewellery, timeless elegance

As a service provider to the jewellery trade we are dedicated to deliver quality services and build a reputation of excellence.
Combining highly skilled staff and state of the art equipment we ensure our customers receive the best workmanship the trade has to offer.

We encourage good communication between all the departments involved in the design and manufacturing process. This eliminates costly mistakes, saves time and money.

Every stage of the manufacturing process is closely monitored and quality checking is done at every stage.
We are capable of taking your concept idea to our skilled CAD designers and have it rendered to perfection. With state of the art 3D printing technology the CAD design is then printed in crisp high definition ready for casting in the precious metal of your choice. We use only the best casting technology to ensure the highest degree of crispness and defect free castings are achieved. In our finishing department your casting will undergo a transformation from rough casting to shiny polished metal.
From finishing we move to the setting and engraving of your jewellery where our skilled setters and hand engravers will add sparkle and character to your work. Our plating will add that final nuance of brightness to lift your jewellery from great to spectacular. One last final quality check and stamp of approval will be done before we sign off to you.

We also have our own jewellery range on offer to the trade at trade prices.

Please feel free to subscribe to our jewellery trade price list if you are actively involved in the jewellery trade as store owner, goldsmith, wholesaler, service provider etc.

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