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Metal Artist Studio:
Jewellers portfolio & custom diamond rings South Africa

 Proudly to presenting some of our award winning works.

At Metal Artist Studio we take great pride in the quality and artistry of our work.

Each project is taken on with enthusiasm and great care is taken to ensure quality workmanship is maintained, from design and manufacture to the end product.

Please feel free to visit our Artisan-made jewelry online store.

Award winning knives

Bespoke jewelry

Our Inspiration

Based in South Africa, we know how important and special diversity is. Our jewellery design inspiration is frequently influenced by our heritage, cultural background, and ethnicity. Many of the one-of-a-kind items we see people wearing today stem from ancient cultural and ethnic roots. We have made it our mission to make our clients' wishes come true and to create the most unique and special jewellery masterpieces for them based on who they are and what they want to portray about themselves to the world. 

Nothing satisfies us more than to see a smile grow on the faces of our loyal, trusting clients when handing them something special, exactly like they dreamed it would be! 

We have created a wide range of jewellery types, which includes rings, bracelets, charms, pendants etc. We still craft our masterpieces with precision and care using precious metals and stones, such as diamonds, crystals, gemstones, silver, gold, platinum, sterling silver  and much more. Our jewellers are highly skilled and precise. Taking great pride in every single piece they create. We know how much these pieces mean to our clients. 


Here we show the world some of the stunning work we have created. 

We hope to inspire with our work and take you on a journey of wonder with us.

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